**YouTube Video link now available**

Our most recent outreach concert is available on YouTube! Here are a few clips from the site of some of our favorites… “Gaelic Castle” and “Where the Shannon River Flows.”

Where the River Shannon Flows
Gaelic Castle
Colleen Johnson
New payment option added online!

We are now accepting credit/debit/paypal payments for the spring of 2019 tuition! Also, check out our new photo collage with several of our students featured on the site.

Colleen Johnson
Spring concert date revised**

The spring concert date is now set to occur on Sat. April 6th at 10:30-11:30am followed by a reception/spring celebration. This schedule will allow us to balance rehearsals and concerts for the fall and spring evenly.

Colleen Johnson
Deadline extended and age limit removed for viola and cello applicants

All viola and cello applications/recommendations will be accepted through May 25, 2018. Please note that we have removed the age limit for these instruments as well. Please note that applicants should keep in mind that although the age limit has been removed this season, this is a beginning orchestra experience for all involved.

Colleen Johnson
REVISED potential additional rehearsal date option**

Due to limited space in the All Saints Church Parish Hall, we no longer have the option of a potential afternoon rehearsal time on Saturdays. We are still confirmed for 10am on Saturdays. However, we have changed the option of possibly switching rehearsal times if the MAJORITY of accepted applicants agree to 4pm-5:30pm or 5:30-7pm on Monday afternoons/evenings. If a student is accepted into the program and cannot participate on the finalized rehearsal day, they will receive a full refund from their initial deposit.

Colleen Johnson
Music Develops Children’s Social and Emotional Skills

From Raising Small Souls; Parenting and Guiding Well-Rounded Children:

Have you noticed that where there is a group of children, music is often playing? Shops and doctors who focus on children tend to play music that appeals to them. Music can also be found in many classrooms, not to mention in children’s homes and even on kids phones. Music brings kids together and helps develop their social and emotional skills.

Since we want our kids to be socially and emotionally well-rounded, we need to understand how music can help children develop these skills. First we’ll look at social development and then we’ll look at emotional development...

Colleen Johnson
Children’s Brains Develop Faster With Music Training

From Emily Gersema with USC News:

Within two years of the study, the neuroscientists found the auditory systems of children in the music program were maturing faster in them than in the other children. The fine-tuning of their auditory pathway could accelerate their development of language and reading, as well as other abilities – a potential effect which the scientists are continuing to study.
The enhanced maturity reflects an increase in neuroplasticity – a physiological change in the brain in response to its environment – in this case, exposure to music and music instruction.
“The auditory system is stimulated by music,” Habibi said. “This system is also engaged in general sound processing that is fundamental to language development, reading skills and successful communication.”